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About Us

Catherine Trifiletti Ltd. has lead the innovative uniform design industry since 2004

Relocated to Las Vegas in 2013, establishing one of the first Full Service Custom Uniform Design and Manufacturing Facility. Catherine Trifiletti has been a fashion designer for 39 years. As a Full Service Custom Uniform Design and Manufacturing Facility, we take our clients through the entire design process. CT Ltd. provides initial sketches, fashion designs of the custom uniforms, all the way from samples to manufacturing to delivery. Small to large quantity orders, we have established domestic factories and overseas in China. Lastly providing installation and servicing of uniforms for the entire property.


Responsive to our client’s vision, we are committed to design that expresses the relationship between Designer and Property, Style / Fit / Functionality, Color / Materials, Economy and Integrity. Collaborating with our clients, architects, designers, illustrators and buyers makes exploring and realizing solutions an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Ultimately, our goal is to exceed our clients expectations by providing uniform collections that reflect their value and meet sustainable needs well into the future.

Our design philosophy is guided by these basic principals: 

• Employee Apparel is a reflection of the clients entire property

• Solutions are developed sustainably within the project budget 

• Presentations are thorough and explicit to provide client with an in depth understanding of uniform design programs 

•Attention to each project from the conceptual onset to the final installation, continuing into reorders Firm Introduction


The Future of Fashion & Decor Is the Catherine Trifiletti, Las Vegas Micro factory The LV Micro factory is changing the world of fashion & decor. The new production paradigm is Sell, Produce, Deliver, The micro factory core values are product customization, speed to client, sustainable supply, and profitable production. The LV micro factory is printing and manufacturing on demand and in any volume, minimizing stock and its associated risk to increase profitability. Digital textile printing and body scanning facilitates customizable demand led production, which streamlines workflow and offers the customer “just in time manufacturing". The millennial consumer demands personalized garments with infinite choices. The LV Micro Factory is the solution. Providing limitless designs and products, while being agile enough to quickly react and produce trend driven supply to Individual artist, Fashion designers, Costume designers and Interior designers!!!


Schedule your appointment today to get uniforms “Made your way Made in America ”...

right here in Fabulous Las Vegas!

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